SYSCO offers a variety of racing options. If you would prefer not to fly a spinnaker, the Cruising Fleet races on Thursdays and registrants are divided into several classes (e.g., Cruising A, Cruising B, etc.) based on relevant factors such as ratings for the type of boat, the observed performance of local boats, and the number of registrants. Three or more boats of the same model can race as a One-Design Fleet. SYSCO currently has nine one-design fleets. Skippers can request to race boat-to-boat in formed level fleets based on on the factors described above. This option is especially useful for racers that want to fly a spinnaker and do not have a PHRF-NW Rating Certificate. Finally, racers that do have a certificate can request to race using PHRF handicap correction.

SYSCO Fleets

The boats listed in each Level Fleet below are examples and not exclusive of other types of boats. One-design fleets are shown in parentheses. In addition, where the Notice of Race and its bylaws permit, SYSCO will form handicapped classes. The Level Fleet assignment, Cruising Fleet, and One-Design Fleets are also used to organize Fleet activities and organize race committee duties.

Fleet 1 - J/105, Melges 24
Fleet 2 - PHRF A&B
Fleet 3 - PHRF C, Level
Fleet 4 - Martin 24
Fleet 5 - Merit 25
Fleet 6 - J/24
Fleet 7 - Cal 20
Fleet 8 - Ranger 20
Fleet 9 - Catalina 22, Venture 21
Fleet 10 - Cruising A & B
Fleet 11 - Cruising C & D