SYSCO Virtual Race Clinic

May 21 7-9PM

SYSCO Spring Series

April 21 - May 28 - CANCELLED

SYSCO Summer Series

June 2 - July 2

SYSCO Single Hand Beer Can

July 11

SYSCO Twilight Series

July 14 - Aug 27

SYSCO Delta Cruise

July 28 - Aug 2



SYSCO Dual Bridge Duel

Aug 8

SYSCO St. Helens Race & Cruise


The Summer Racing season is in full-swing, and SYSCO is proceeding cautiously with the Twilight Race Series that starts on July 14. However, the SYSCO board is still very concerned that we do not put on races that could jeopardize the health and safety of the sailing community or contribute to the spread of COVID 19.

For these series we eliminated trophies to reduce competitive pressure and established a set of guidelines for competing boats to follow. One of the guidelines is that teams or crews must be co-habitating individuals, or crew members must wear facemasks. Given that COVID cases are increasing in Oregon, SYSCO has decided to offer the Summer Twilight Series as a non-trophy fun series under the same guidelines that were in place for the Summer Series. Please make an extra effort to follow the Governor’s Guidance on outdoor activities, as well as SYSCO guidance for racers and Race Committees