Fleet Night has been postponed to Tuesday 23 February because of widespread power outages. Look for an email with a new Zoom link.

Sail Safely under COVID Restrictions
SYSCO sailing is proceeding cautiously with racing under current COVID regulations and guidance. We intend to follow current Oregon and Multnomah County guidance for outdoor recreation, including the requirement that all participants wear approved masks or face coverings and an attempt to maintain six feet of separation. The OCSA working group on COVID safety feels we have to make an effort to limit the number of people crewing on a racing boat. To that end, we have established the following table limiting the number of crew allowed to race based on each boat’s length overall. Here are the limits SYSCO has included as Supplements to our Sailing Instructions:

Length Overall Maximum Competitors
20’ and less 2
Greater than 20’ to less than or equal to 27’ 3
Greater than 27’ to less than or equal to 33’ 4
Greater than 33’ 5

These limits were debated at length, with an attempt to balance the six-foot rule with yachting safety.
In addition, the limits help level the playing field amongst boats racing against each other.
The requirements that all crew wear masks and adhere to the crew limits will be enforceable rules and the Race Committee can disqualify any boat that does not follow these requirements. Repeat offenders will be banned from further SYSCO series races under the misconduct rule.
Sail safe or not at all.

Commodore “I’m Double-Masking” Gregg