Have you ever been so dang close when fighting your way to the leeward mark in a light wind-- but you take your spinnaker down too soon? The current takes you downriver—your progress fails. That’s how I felt when Multnomah County went backward to Extreme COVID risk. The SYSCO Board believes that we have no choice but to continue to follow the state law. Our interpretation of the current Oregon Outdoor Recreation requirements outlined in the OCSA COVID Special Regulations. To stay fair, and so you can plan accordingly, the COVID Regulation will remain in effect through the entire Spring Series.
These safety requirements apply to SYSCO Race Committees as well.

Daily I check for any changes in our local regulations that could affect our legal obligation to recreate safely. RC Dennis and I are reading and discussing your comments on our COVID response. Minds much wiser than yours truly regularly weigh in on this subject under the auspices of OCSA.

Together we will get through this and the unbridled competitive sailing we expect on the Columbia will be back.

Meantime, keep your masks and spinnakers flying until we round the mark and cross the finish line.

Commodore “Are we there yet?” Gregg [email protected]