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SYSCO 2016 Race Clinic

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SYSCO 2014 Race Clinic

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Kerry Poe of North Sails


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SYSCO 35 Year History Presentation

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More than 100 sailors on the Columbia River are active members of SYSCO. Founded in 1978, the Small Yacht Sailing Club of Oregon (SYSCO) has offered sailors an opportunity for racing, cruising and recreating at modest cost. Its membership is comprised of several Level Fleets and One-Design classes, with keelboats and multi-hulls 19' and up.

Membership dues are low and fund a full year of informative meetings, recreational cruises, an active racing program, and monthly newsletters. SYSCO promotes sailboat racing as a means to foster the development of boat handling skills and confidence. Racing provides sailors a learning experience to improve the performance and safety of their boats. Racing also provides excellent instruction in right-of-way rules, crew teamwork, and sportsmanship. Families are encouraged to participate as a team. SYSCO has no initiation fees, nor do members pay fees for Club sponsored races. Members enjoy the unique camaraderie achieved from active, safe, fun, and competitive boat racing.
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